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Q1.Write properties of mica?
It is a mineral made of thin series of plates or leaves and can easily split into thin sheets.
b) it can be clear ,black, green, red yellow, or brown.
c) due to its di electric strength, low power loss factor, insulating properties and resistence to high voltage mica is used as an indispensable mineral in the electric and electronic industries.
Q2. Where are mica deposits are found?
A. They occur in the northern edge of the Chotanagpur plateau.
b)Jharkhand-- Koderma Gaya-Hazaribagh belt—the leading producer.
c) In Rajasthan- in Ajmer.
d)Andhra Preaesh-in Nellore belt.
Q3.where will we find limestone?
A. In association with rocks composed of calcium carbonates or calcium and calcium and magnesium carbonates.
It is found in sedimentary rocks of most geological formations.
Q4.What are uses of limestone?
Lime stone is the basic raw material for the cement industry and essential for smelting iron ore in the blast furnace.
Q5.What are the hazards posed by mining?
The impact of mining on the environment and the health of miners is very dangerous.
a)The dust and the noxious fumes inhaled by the miners make them vulnerable to pulmonary diseases.
b) Risk of collapse of mine roofs,
c) Inundation and fires in coal mines are a constant threat to the miners.
d) Water sources in the region get contaminated due to mining.
e) Dumping of wastes lead to degradation of land, soil, and air.
f)Industrial effluents also degrade the streams and rivers.

Q6.Why do we need to conserve minerals?
We need to conserve minerals because of the following reasons:
a)There is strong dependence of industry and agriculture upon mineral deposits & substances manufactured by them.
b)Minerals require millions of years to be created and concentrated ---the formation process is
slow in comparison to the rapid consumption.
c)Minerals are finite and non-renewable.
d)Continued extraction of ores leads to increasing costs as minerals are found in greater depth.
Q7.What efforts are being made to conserve minerals?
Concerted efforts are to be made in order to use our minerals resources in planned and sustained manner.
b)Improved technologies need to be constantly evolved to allow use of low grade ores at low cost.
c)Recycling of metals, using scrape metal, and other substitutes are the important steps in
conservation of minerals resources for the future.
Q8.What are energy resources and why do we need them?
Energy is capacity to do work, energy resources are those resources which produce energy.
Energy is required for all activities.
a) It is needed to cook, to provide light and heat.
b) To propel vehicles, and to drive machinery in industries.
Q9. Why conservation of energy resources is required?
Energy is the basic requirement for economic development.
b)Every sector—agriculture, industry, transport, commercial or domestic needs input of energy.
c)Various development plans require increasing amount of energy to remain operational.
d)Consumption of energy has been constantly rising.
Thus there is an urgent need to develop sustainable path of energy development.

Q10. List measures for conservation of energy?
A.-- Adopt a cautious approach for the judicious use of limited resources.
-- Concerened citizens should use public transport system,
--switch off electricity when not in use,
--use power saving devices and non-conventional sources of energy.

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