Saturday, February 28, 2009


what is the difference between pressure groups and political parties on the basis of formation, objective and accountability?

FORMATION: Political parties are registered with election commission & pressure groups need not to be registered.
--political parties are at times grow out of the pressure groups.
Objective: political parties are formed to gain power but pressure groups do not have any such intention instead they exert influence on the parties.
Accountability: political parties are accountable as it has to contest next election but pressure groups do not have any such accountability & at times they lapse after the objective has been achieved.
can you make d' answer more brief 4 d' different types of government?....
There are three levels of governments : central, state &local . you have to do local govt. in detail & that is given in the notes and on page no.25.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Answer to queries--(Vipul)

Q1. What is a sector?

Ans. The economy may be classified into subdivisions called sectors (also called industries) in several ways. Sectors may be further subdivided into subsectors.

2.What role does bank play in national economy?give three points.(3 marks)
Ans. Banks play a very important role in our national economy as
a) banks mediate between those who have surlpus funds--depositors & those who are in need of these funds--borrowers.
b) banks give credit on easy terms.
c) if banks will not be there, there will be be no demand deposits or cheque payments .
d) RBI issues currency.
3.what is the role of money lender in rural economy?(3 marks)
--He is the informal source of credit in rural areas &
-- the only source who can give credit with out collateral.
--borrowers can approach moneylender without repaying their earlier loans.
4.what developmental goals encourage woman to work outside their home?(3 marks)
--more money to run household.
--financial independence.

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