Tuesday, May 22, 2012

To be done during Summer vacations-2012.

Social Science
Collect the information on the most polluted cities of India, their causes & ways to control it.
Work is to be done on A4 size sheets only.
-Prepare a 3 to 4 pages report
-can make use of map to represent the data.
-Can paste pictures of Traffic snaps.
-Put at least one hand drawn picture.
-Project report has to be hand written only.
-Can also paste the news clippings, cartoons & caricature etc.
some useful websites that you can make use of..there are many more..please explore yourself.

Also students are to do questions of Geography chapter- Water Resources & prepare a Table on various food & non food crops.
In case any querry do write in the comment box.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Cinema @100 years- 'CELEBRATION'

Students of class 10, learned about Indian cinema.. a topic cinema in Bombay city, through newspapers. Detailed discussions were done in the class room ,lot of information was shared & STUDENTS DID A WONDERFUL WORK BY COLLECTING THE INFORMATION FROM THE NEWSPAPERS AND PASTING IT IN THEIR COPIES. Pictures of some of the noteable work done by my students. They gathered lot of information and became part of the celebrations.

Developing map skills -Types of soils.

Students made beautiful maps on types of soils found in India. Images of some of the MAPS made by the students.

Formative Assessment of class-X-Photo gallery.

Class -X was given an task :To prepare a Photo gallery on the various species. Students collected the pictures on the given topic and pasted the same in their geography notebook. Glimpse of the work done by the students.

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