Friday, August 24, 2007

Assignment on manufacturing industries

Q. What do you know about Aluminium smelting industry?
A. It is the second most important metallurgical industry in India.
b) there are 8 aluminium smelting plants in India located in : Orissa—Nalco & Balco,
West Bengal, Kerela, UP, Chattisgarh, Maharashtra & Tamil Nadu.
c) in 2004 India produced over 600 million tons of aluminium.
d) Bauxite is the raw material used in this industry.
Q. Write properties of Aluminium.
A.-- It is light,
--resistant to corrosion,
-- a good conductor of heat,
--mallable and becomes strong when mixed with other metals.
Q. What is the utility of the aluminium?
A. It is used to manufacture aircrafts, untensils & wires.
--it is a good subsitute of steel, copper, zinc,& lead.
Q. What are the important factors in location of this industry?
--Bauxite—a raw material(is a bulky & dark reddish in coloured rock)
--regular supply of electricity at minimum cost.
Q. Write about the chemical industries in India.
A. It is a fast growing & diversifying industry of India. It is spread all over the country.
--contributes 3%of the GDP.
--is third largest in Asia & occupies 12th place in terms of size in the world.
--it comprises of both small scale & large manufacturing units.
--chemical industry is its own largest consumer as basic chemicals undergo processing to further produce other chemicals used for industrial application, agriculture or directly for consumer markets.
--it has both inorganic sectors & organic sector

INORGANIC includes Nitric acid, Alkalies, Caustic soda
--Soda ash—to manufacture glass, soaps, detergents, paper
--sulphuric acid—to manufacture fertilizers, synthetic fibers, plastics, adhesives, paints, dye stuff
ORGANIC CHEMICALS— include petrochemical and are used to manufacture synthetic fibres, synthetic rubbers, plastic, dye-stuff, drugs &pharmaceuticals. They are located near oil refineries or petrochemical plants.
Q. Which are different fertilizer industries?
A. This industry includes the production of
-- nitrogenous fertilizers—mainly urea—57 manufacturing units, 29 for urea
--phosphatic fertilizers-68 small units for single superphosphate
--ammonium phosphate-DAP,--9 units for ammonium sulphate as by product
--complex fertilisers
all these industries use the combination of nitrogen-N, phospate-P, Potash-k. The potash is entirely imported as the country does not have any reserves of commercially usable potash or potassium compounds in any form.
--At present there are 10 public sector undertakings & 1 in cooperative sector Hazira in Gujrat under the Fertiliser Cooperation of India.
Q. Name the states where we have fertilizer industry located?
A. After Green revolution the industry expanded to several other parts of the country. Gujrat, Tami Nadu, UP, Panjab & Kerela contributes half of the fertilizer production.
Besides other significant producers are Andhra Pradesh, orissa, Rajasthan, Bihar , Maharashtra, Assam, West Bengal, Goa, Delhi, MadhyaPradesh & Karnataka.


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