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Role of Gandhi in Freedom Struggle

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Friday, June 29, 2007


Q1.Indian farmers are facing various challenges.List them.
Q2.What is food security? Why do we need to be food secure?
Q3.What are two components of food security?
Q4.What is FCI?
Q5.How can government make each district and block self sufficient in food grains?
Q6.Why food grains production has remained stagnant or has declined?
Q7.What is globalisation? What are its positive and negative effects on agriculture?
Q8.What do you know about Champaran movement,which started in Bihar in 1917?
Q9.”Green revolution promised much, but at present is under controversies” why? and
What has it been supplemented with?
Q10.What is “gene revolution”?

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Dear students Iam posting this assignment for you all,read the questions and answer in your note books..
Q1’.India is an agriculturally important country.’ Justify.
--Agriculture is an age old economic activity in our country.
--2/3rd of its population is engaged in the agricultural activities
--it is an primary activity, which produces most of the food that we consume.
--it also produces the raw material for various industries.
--provides employment to many people.
--contributes in the GDP.
Q2. Name some agro-based industries.
Q3.How is primitive subsistence farming different from intensive subsistence farming?
Primitive subsistence farming:
--practised in pockets of India
--is done on small patches of land
--is done with the primitive tools and implements with family and community labour.
--famer in this is dependent on monsoons ,natural fertility of soil.
--it is 'slash and burn' agriculture
Intensive agriculture:
It is practised in the areas of high population pressure on land.
--it is labour intensive farming.
--high doses of biochemical inputs and irrgation are used for higher production.
Q4. Where is ‘Jhumming ‘ practiced in India and what is it?
Jumming is 'slash and burn' type of agriculture.
--in this a farmer clears a patch of land and produce to sustain his family. When the soil fertility decreases the farmer shifts and clear another patch of land for cultivation. This allows nature to replenish the fertility of the soil.
--land productivity is low as no modern farming methods are used .
--it is known by different names in different places.

Q5There is enormous pressure on agricultural land in India .Give reasons why is it so?
--Right of inheritence leading to division of land holdings has rendered landholdings uneconomical and because farmers continue to take maximum output it has put lot of pressure on land.
--limited land and absence of any alternative source of livlihood.
--increasing population needs more production.
--various agro based industries are also dependent on it
Q6.Some crops are commercial in one region and provide subsistence in another region.
Give examples of such crops.
Tea in Sorth India, and coffee in North India.
Q7.List various plantations crops and the regions where they are grown?
Q8.What infra- structure is required for plantation industries?
Q9.Name three cropping seasons of India
Q10.In which states three crops of paddy are grown in a year and what are they called?
Q11. How it is possible to grow rice in the areas of less rainfall?
Q12.Name two important wheat growing zones in India.
Q13.Which crop is both used as food and fodder crop?
Q14. Which crop is grown as both rabi and kharif and in which regions?
Q15.Why pulses are grown in rotation with other crops?
Q16.Define horticulture, sericulture, green revolution, white revolution, Bhoodan,gramdan
Q17.Why is jute known as golden fibre?
Q18.Why is jute losing market to synthetic fibres?
Q19.List various institutional reforms introduced after independence.
Q20.Which technological reforms have been introduced for the benefit of farmers?

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