Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Anwesr to question asked-Arush/oas

Q.Why were housing schemes planned in London in 20th C?
–With industrial revolution people began pouring and factory owners did not have houses for them
--vast mass of one room houses for poor were serious threat to public health—were badly ventilated & lacked sanitation.
--worries of fire hazards
- -fear of social disorder.
--after Russian Revolution of 1917, ‘workers’s mass housing schemes’ were planned to avoid rebellion from poor.—(page-131)

Q. WHY DID TALUKADARS & LANDLORDS REBELLED? Answer- They were rebelling against them as they demanded high rents and variety of other cesses.
Ques-How did Gutenberg develop printing technology?Page 157 , first para.

Answer on page-(51-52) last para, yellow dotted points.
Q.-Who were the jobbers? Explain their functions.
Page-120, 5th line.
He was an old trusted worker who got people
--people from his village , ensured them with jobs
--provided them houses
--gave them money in times of crisis.
Ques-Why is Bombay known as city of dreams? Give 3 points.
Answer—1. Bombay had urbanized and provided lot of job opportunities.
2.--as it was a film city lot of people went to Bombay to be part of it.
2.--Bombay films contributed in a big way to produce an image of the city as a blend of dream & reality of slums & star bunglows.

Answers to Oas' queries:
Good Evening Mam, Here are my problems-
Q1 Explain-
a) Energy saved is the energy produced.
If only we will save non-renewable resources of energy only then we will be able to produce energy in future.( Explain with the help of example and ways.) page-63 last para.

b) 'Tremble,therefore, tyrants of the world! Tremble before the virtual writer!'
-- Explained in the notes.

c) Industrialisation & Urbanisation go hand in hand.--with the setting up of industry, Urbaniastion follows
--basic infra structure develops
-- and generally industries are also located near cities to as cities provide markets and services such as banking insurance, transport and labour.

Q3- Why inter state water dispute are becoming common with regard to sharing the costs & benefits of multipupose projets , if dams are separately constructed in a state?--it is because river generally flow through many regions and many states are benefitted out of it therefore the dispute over sharing of the benefits.

Q4- If agriculture & commerce are state subjects then why do we have ministers of agriculture & commerce in Union Cabinet?It is mainly because India is an agricultural country and agriculture is our major source of income and we do export agricultural products therefore it is of national concern and therefore in the union cabinet.

Q6- Why Hindi was given the status of official language ?
--it is a mother tongue of 40% of Indians.

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