Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Assignment -Work , life& leisure

Q1. Define metropolises, urbanisation,tenement,chawls, presidency cities, individualism.
Q2.Name the cities which firest appeared near river valleyes.
Q3. Name early cities of Britain.
Q4.Name 5 major industries of London which employed lare number of people?
Q5.why crime was flourishing in London cities?
Q6.Why were 'workers' mass housing schemes were planned in London?
Q7. Which was the premier city of India?
Q8. Which was the world's first largest city?
Q9. Where was first cotton textile mill established in India?
Q10. Which was first Indian movie?
Q11. Who made Raja Harishchandra?
3-4 marks questions
Q1. Write a short note on condition of children in London city.
Q2.What were the reasons of concern to house poor in London city?
Q3.What steps were taken to clean up London city?
Q4. What were the positive and negative results of introduction of underground railways?
Q5. List social changes that were the result of development of cities.
Q6. Short notes on :
a)Family life in 19th and 20th century London.
b)bloody sunday of November 1887.
c)Haussmanisation of Paris
d)Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore
e)'Mayapuri'- city of dreams.
Q7.What were the causes of increasing population in Bombay city in 19th and 20th c.?
Q8.Why Bombay could not accomodate its population or
Bombay did not grow according to any plan. Why?
Q9.What were the living conditions of people living in 'chawls'?
Q10.Who was Jobber?
Q11.What were various sources of entertainment for people living in Bombay?
Q12.Write about state of depressed classes.
Q13.How was land reclaimed in Bombay city ? Mention projects undertaken.
Q14.List challenges to the environment as a result of development of cities.
Q15. What steps were taken to control pollution in the cities?

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Syllabus-Term-I 2010

Class X
UNIT 1- HISTORY: India and the Contemporary World II
Term 1
Sub- Unit 1.2 Economies and Livelihood
4 Industrialization 1850s-1950s (Chapter 4)
5 Urbanization and Urban lives (Chapter 5)
6 Trade and Globalization (Chapter 6)
Sub- Unit 1.3 Culture, Identity and Society
7 Print culture and nationalization (Chapter 7)
8 History of the Novel (Chapter 8)
UNIT 2 (GEOGRAPHY): India- Land and People
Term 1
1 Resources (Chapter 1)
2 Natural Resources (Chapter 1)
3 Forest and Wildlife Resources (Chapter 2)
4 Water resources (Chapter 3)
5 Agriculture (Chapter 4)
1 Power sharing mechanism in Democracy (Chapter 1 and 2)
2 Working of Democracy (Chapter 3 and 4)

UNIT 4 (ECONOMICS): Understanding Economic Development- IITerm 1
1 The story of Development (Chapter 1)
2 The role of Service Sector in Indian Economy (Chapter 2)

Through Project and Assignment in Formative assessment only
1 Tsunami
2 Safer Construction Practices
3 Survival Skills
4 Alternate Communication Skills
5 Sharing Responsibility

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