Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Answers to question--3-3-09

1.Why jute is called golden fibre?
It is because it is golden in colour and it is an item of export
2. Why some crops are commercial in one region & not in the others?.
2. Some crops are commercial in one region & provide sustinence in other regions as rice is a staple crop of south and is exported to northern parts of India , so is also the case of jowar & bajara, which is food crop in Rajasthan .
3. Did world war effect the nationalfreedom movement?
3. World war situation did effect our freedom struggle movement .
Forced recruitment, increased defence expenditure and crop failure at this time agrrevated the nationalistic sentiments of the people.
4.There was only one Association formed by Dr. Ambedkar—Depressed classes Association in 1930.
5. What does nationalism means?
Nationalism in literal sense means feeling for your country.
It meant different things to different people.
In modern Europe it means formation of nation-states and in post war era it is connected to anti-colonialism, as in India.
6. Reaction of Mohd. Ali Jinnah to civil disobedience movement ?
There has been no mention fo this topic in the book .
7. Which are the institutions which form the basis for evaluating of democracy?
As such there is no creterion to evaluate democracy as different countries face different challenges but still its functioning is evaluated through the working of various institutions such as --a country,s powersharing arrangement.
--Rights enjoyed by the people--elections--free& fair & regular elections.
--Accomodation of diversity
--role of pressure groups etc.

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