Saturday, July 14, 2007


Q1.Describe ethnic composition of Belgium and Srilanka.
Q2.Why there were tensions in Belgium and Srilanka?
Q3.Write Majoritarian measures taken by Sinhala community to establish their supremacy.
Q4.How did Srilankan Tamils react to the majoritarian measures taken by Sinhala govt?
Q5.The distrist between the two communities led to widespread conflict.What were the results?
Q6.Why was Belgium constitution changed four times between 1970-1993?
Q7.How did Belgium govt did power sharing in their country?What was the result?
Q8.Name one country where civil war is going on, also write what is its cause?
Q9.Give reasons for why power sharing is desirable?
Q10.How can you differentiate between prudential and moral power sharing?
Q11.What are pressure groups and why are they formed?
Q12.What name is given to federal govt. in India?
Q13.What do you mean by system of ‘checks and balance’? Explain with examples from India.
Q14.What were the earlier notions of power sharing and how have they changed with the emergence of democracy?
Q15.Give one example of power sharing among different social groups.
Q16.What is coalition govt


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