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Q1.Why was Swaraj party formed ?Name its leaders.
Q2.Which two factors shaped Indian politics towards late 1920's?
Q3.Why was Simon commission sent to India?Why did indians object to it?
Q4.Which slogan was raised during Simon commission?
Q5.Who were radicals/Name some.
Q6.When was demand for 'Puran Swaraj' formalised?
Q7.What is the significance of 26Jan 1930?
Q8.'Mahatama Gandhi sent a letter to viceroy Irwin on 31 Jan1930'
What was it about?Which was the most stirring demand?What ultimatum did Gandhiji gave to the Britishers?
Q9.Write short on Dandi march/salt march.
Q10.What marked the begning of civil disobedience movement?
Q11.How was civil disobedience movement different from noncooperation?
Q12.What happened during civil disobedience movement?(events)How did government react to it?
Q13.Who led civil disobedience movement in Peshawer?
Q14.What was Gandhi-Irwin pact?
Q15.Why did Gandhiji call off civil disobedience movement and why did he relaunch it?
Q16.Why did rich peasant communities were enthusiastic supporters of civil disobedience movement?
Q17.How did poor peasantry respond to the civil disobedience movement?
Q18.Why were the relations between the poor peasantry and the
Congress remained uncertain?
Q19.How did the business class relate to the civil disobedience movemeny?
Q20.Name some prominent industrialists of1920’s.What did they do to organize their interests?
Q21.Why did industrial working classes did not participate in large numbers in civil disobedience movement?
Q22.’An important feature of the civil disobedience movement was the participation of Women’.How did they participate?
Q23.What were the views of Gandhiji and congress on the position of women?
Q24.What was the other name given to untouchables by Gandhiji?
Q25.What did Gandhiji do to emancipate harijans?
Q26.’Many dalit leaders were keen on different political solution to the problems of their community’ What was this solution/
Q26.Wrie a note on Poona Pact.
Q27.Who was B.R.Ambedkar?What did he do for Dalits?
Q28.'Muslim political organisations’s response was lukewarm to the civil disobedience movement'.Why?


.1.when did Rowlatt Act come into being?
When did Gandhiji return to India from south Africa?
What was Inland Immigration Act?when and why did Gandhiji withdraw non-cooperation movement?
Who formed Swaraj party?
What do you mean by Picketing?
When and where was 'poorna swarajaya 'demanded?
Which two associations were formed by Dr. Ambedkar for Dalits?
When and who started Khilafat movement?
What do you understand bi satayagrah?
Why was civil-disobedience movement launched?
What do you understand by Poorna swarajya?
‘Dandi march was a form of civil-disobedience movement’Justify.
What was the role of INA in freedom struggle movement?
Which important decisions were taken in the Lahore congress?
When was Gandhi-Irwin pact signed? What were its two features?
Write steps taken by Ambedkar to improve the conditions of dalits in India.
How did Gandhiji popularized the idea of swaraj in the plantations?
Write three causes of revolt by peasants.
20.Jallianwala bagh, rowlatt act, Poona pact.
21.Why did Gandhiji withdraw non-cooperation movement?
22.Salt satayagrah was an effective tool against British rule. Justify.23.why was simon-commission appointed?
24.What do you understand by Khilafat&non-cooperation movement.Name their leaders.
25.why did different groups of people participate in non-cooperation movement?Give four reasons.
26.which symbols were used by the nationalist leaders to unite people?
27.Different groups of people joined civil-disobedience for different reasons.write about them.
28.write about the limitations and shortcomings of civil-disobedience movement. did events during the first world war contributed in our freedom struggle movement?


Anonymous said...

Which two associations were formed by Dr. Ambedkar for Dalits?
i know one of it ---THE DEPRESSED CLASSES ASSOCIATION but whtz the other one???

Anonymous said...

is INA === HSRA???

Anonymous said...

how did events during the first world war contributed in our freedom struggle movement?
wht is the answer?
is it the economic n political situations created PG NO. 54
the defeat of the Ottomon empire n which led to Non Co-operation n Khilafat Movt.???

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