Thursday, July 5, 2007


Q.1 What was Khilafat issue?
Q.2 Name two leaders of Khilafat movement.
Q3. What was the idea behind noncooperation movement?
Q4.When did congress adopt the programme of non cooperation?
Q5.What does the term Boycott means?
Q6."Swaraj meant different things to different people". Explain with the help of exemples.
Q7.How did the non cooperation movement spread in towns?Write in points.
Q8.Non cooperation movement in the movement in the cities slowed down for variety of reasons. State them.
Q9.Who led peasants in Awadh? What were their demands?
Q10.Write a short note on Baba Ramchandra.
Q11.How did tribal peasants interpreted the idea of swaraj?
Q12.What did swaraj mean to the workers in plantations?
Q13.Which slogan was raised by the plantation workers?
Q14.Which incident made Gandhiji call off non-cooperation movement


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