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Questions ----History

LESSON ONE HISTORY --Nationalism in Europe.
Q1.Write two changes that occured after the French revolution of 1789?
Q2.After industrilisation in Europe which new groups came into existence?
Q3.Which traditional institutions conservatives wanted to maintain?
Q4.'Aristocracy was dominent group in Eroupe'.Give two reasons.
Q5.Mazzini founded which two secret societies?
Q6.Name two states which came under Balkan region.
Write three features of Nation-states.
Why did the initial enthusiasm of French revolution resuled in the revolt of people?
Q3.Write three results of French revolt of 1830.
Q4.Language played an important role in creating the feeling of nationalism in Poland' Explain with the help of examples.
Q5.What was the role of Frankfurt Assembly in the making of Germany?
Q6.'After 1871 Balkan region became an area of conflicts and tensions'. give three reasons.
Q. Write four results of treaty of Vienna-1815.
Q.‘Decade of 1830, in Europe experienced number of problems. Give four reasons.
Q. Write four stages of German unification.
Q. How did the Act of Union of 1707-helped England to complete its influence over Scotland?
Q Write four conditions prevailing in Italy before its unification.
Q Write important features of the strategy followed by England in relation to Ireland.

1.when did Rowlatt Act come into being?
When did Gandhiji return to India from south Africa?
What was Inland Immigration Act?
when and why did Gandhiji withdraw non-cooperation movement?
who formed Swaraj party?
what do you mean by Picketing?
when and where was poorna swarajaya demanded?
which two associations were formed by Dr. Ambedkar for Dalits?
when and who started Khilafat movement?
what do you understand bi satayagrah?
why was civil-disobedience movement launched?
what do you understand by Poorna swarajya?
‘Dandi march was a form of civil-disobedience movement’Justify.
what was the role of INA in freedom struggle movement?
which important decisions were taken in the Lahore congress?
when was Gandhi-Irwin pact signed? What were its two features?
write steps taken by Ambedkar to improve the conditions of dalits in India.
how did Gandhiji popularized the idea of swaraj in the plantations?
write three causes of revolt by peasants.
20.Jallianwala bagh, rowlatt act, Poona pact.
21.why did Gandhiji withdraw non-cooperation movement?
22.Salt satayagrah was an effective tool against British rule. Justify.
23.why was simon-commission appointed?
24.What do you understand by Khilafat&non-cooperation movement.Name their leaders.
25.why did different groups of people participate in non-cooperation movement?Give four reasons.
26.which symbols were used by the nationalist leaders to unite people?
27.Different groups of people joined civil-disobedience for different reasons.write about them.
28.write about the limitations and shortcomings of civil-disobedience movement. did events during the first world war contributed in our freedom struggle movement?


1.For whom did craftsmen worked in the villages?
2.Why did London become popular as a finishing center?
3.when were machines invented in England?
4.who invented steam engine?
5.write the meaning of industriliastion.
6.what is capita;ism?
7.where was first jute mill setup in India?
8.what do you mean by ‘Fly shuttle’?

9.What was the condition of workers in 18th century? Three points.
10.‘Peasants were moving towards towns’. Why? Give three reasons
11.write three important features of handmade goods.
12 Initially, which important industries were setup in India and where?
13.why was there a decline in the export of textile in 19th century? Give three reasons.
14.what do you understand by trade unions? Why were they formed?
15.where was first Office of Chamber of Commerce setup and why was it setup? Give three reasons. did Gomasthas treated weavers?


17.mention Labour Acts passed during British rule in India?
18.How did industrialisation in England effect our economy?
19.what changes appeared in the agriculture as a result of the industrialization.4 points.
20.mention 4 problems faced by the weavers with ‘Manchester coming to India.’ did industrialisation helped in raising the living standard of the people?
22.What measures and steps were taken to improve conditions of the workers in factories in England?
23.Industrialisation had both positive and negative effects. Write 4 four points.
24.what do you understand by advertisement? What is its significance? How did Manchester industrialist used it to sell their textile in India? Explain.

1.Write the novel written by Durgacharan.
2.when did industrial revolution start in England? two industrial towns of England.
4.what do you mean by Tenements?
5.where and when first underground train start? two metropolitan cities of the world. the presidencies in India under the British rule.
8.when and where was first textile mill setup in India?
9.which was first film of India?who had made it?
10.where in India are maximum films being produced? two writers of Indian film industry.
12.What is a metropolitan? Write three features.
13.why there was an increase in the population of London in the middle of 18th century?
14.’In the 19th century rich people of London supported the idea of homes for poor’ why, give reasons.
15.In the 19th century in England what were the sources of leisure and entertainment?
16.with the example of Calcutta write three features of metropolitan cities.
17.list the harmful effects which came with the emergence of industries.
18.what changes came in the societies as a result of the industrial revolution.
19.give three reasons as to why population of Bombay increased in the 19th century.
20.Name four industries of Londonwhere maximum people got employment?
21.why most of the films directed in Bombay were based on the life of migrants?
22.'Paris Haussaminisation' had positive and negative effects. give 2 justifications each. industrialisation led to pollution?give 4 points. did London police try to reform culprits?
25.write 4 differences between villages and towns. does population explosion effect the following groups
a)Zamindars b) police officers.


Mayank Chandra said...

hi ma'am,
in boards, if we are asked to write about the treaty of vienna in 4 marks, then do we have to write its features also?

Mayank Chandra said...

ma'am, are all the pictures important in 1st chapter of history?

shalini said...

good afternoon ma`am iam Shalini Rai of class X-b . ma`am iwant to know difference between Dryland farming and Wetland farming

romansha said...

hi ma'am,

which two associations were formed by Dr. Ambedkar for Dalits?

Anonymous said...

I'm Anisha From Kerala De Paul Public School.

Please let me know the answers of :

1. Write four stages of German unification.

2.Explain three major factor of global agricultural economy that had taken shape during 19th century.

Anonymous said...

ma'am i just want to know which is the largest dam and the largest canal of the world.

Anil said...

Archana X B Kerala through Anisha

Maam please tell me the answers at the earlist

1.Three features of global agricultural economy that had taken shape towards the close of 19th century

2.Explain any four features of the comprehensive land development programmes initiated in our country during 1980's and 1990's.

3.Describe any four factors each of sectional and promotional pressure groups in India

4.Analyse three measures taken by producers in India to expand the marketin 19th century

5.Which factor plays most important role in ideal location of an industry. Explain three reasonsin support of this factor?

6. Mention two ways in which caste has influenced politics

7.State one reform in making democracy more effective

Anonymous said...

1.Mention two ways in which caste influence politics

2.Analyse three measures adopted by
producers in india to expand market for goods in 19th century

3.Which factor plays the most important role in ideal location of
an industry .Explain three reasons in support of this factor

4.Examine with the help of three examples how dignity and freedom of citizens are best guaranteed in a democracy

5.With the help of two examples explain how social divisions have affected politics

6.Under which circumstances do the indian armed forces take on responsiblity of managing disasters

7.Explain three major features of global agricultural ecnomy that had taken shape towards the close of 19th century

8.Explain any 4 features of comprehensive land devolopment programmes initiated in our country in 1980's & 1990's

richa said...

gud evening mam,
i m richa of X-g wants the notes of ch-''nationalism in europe'' so that it will help me to do the questions of it.

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