Thursday, January 3, 2008

Answer to comments posted by students.

Dear students if Mrs. Saini has not posted notes , it is not that you donot have anything to learn from .Ihave made you mark everything in the book, so please consult the book and learn from there.

Dear Sanya In our country we have multiparty system and opposition can consist of various parties.
Tyrants of the world be ware means that tyrants that is the bad rulers must now be alert as now media was there to publish therer good and bad deeds.(consult book).


aditya said...

Mam its not that we dont have anything marked in the book but learning from the book and the notes is a hell lot of different thing. Somethings are so explained in the book that most of us cant learn in short and in notes its very brief and short....

aditya said...

Mam its not that we dont have anything marked in the book but everything in the book is so explained that most of us get confused on what to learn. In your notes everything is berif and short. Learning from the book and your notes is a hell lot of different thing.

Anonymous said...

Please can u let us know the marking scheme of all the chapters
of social according to pre-boards.
Mani Suri

rishi said...

who was the leader of militant gurilla movement in andrapradesh.
rishabh soni

Anonymous said...

who is the leader of militant gurilia movement in andra pradesh?
rishabh soni

Anonymous said...

mam if we are asked to differentiate b/w overlapping and cross-cutting then what should we write...?
(in a tabular form?)

khushboo arora!!

Anonymous said...

1.What is exclusive economic zone?

2.Diff. b/w overlapping and cross cutting? (in tabular form)

Mam i asked a ques. regarding overlapping and cross cutting....but you didn't reply...plz answer the above two ques..!!

khushboo arora

Anonymous said...

ma'am i have done pol sc. but im nt abl 2 do ch 7 (outcomes of dem.) neither m abl 2 find notes on it in saini ma'am blog plz temme the imp stuff frm dat ch.


arush said...

mam.i m from ninth class(khms).i want to know about my holidays hw schedule preparing on disaster.plz reply me @



Ambika said...

mam on what topic shall I make my project.I am not able to decide it.

can we also give some additional in formation than the headings given below the topics,can we miss some of them?

please help.

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