Tuesday, May 20, 2008


1.Why is Earth called watery planet?
2.What do you mean by water scarcity and what are its causes?
3.Is it possible that an area or a region has ample water resources but is still facing water scarcity?Give examples to prove your answer.
4.Why do we need to conserve & manage water?
5.What do you mean by a dam or a multipurpose project? Give examples .
6.List four ancient hydraullic structures of India.
7.In the recent years muliti-purpose projects have come under great scrutiny and opposition for variety of reasons.What are these reasons?
8.What do you know about 'Narmada Bachao Andolan' and' Tehri Dam Andolan'?
9.What is rooftop rain harvesting?How it is being practised in different parts of India?
10.Write a short note on Tanks or Tankas used for storing water.
11.How is water harvested in Shilong, Meghalaya?
12.Name the state where rain water harvesting structures are compulsory?
13.Compare advantages and disadvantages of multi-purpose projects.
14.Discuss how rain-water harvesting in semi arid regions of Rajasthan are carried on?
15.Write a short note on Bamboo drip irrigation system.
16. How has Gendathur, a village in Mysore in Karnataka has come into prominence?


himanshu said...

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mam the assignment which you have given can we type their answers and put the printed sheet in the file which i had made especially for notes.
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Kanupriya said...

hello ma'am i did nt find the notes of chapter-1 land resources on your blog...are they avilable on Ms. saini's blog...??
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Anonymous said...

mam! can u please help in disaster management project?? i'm not able to understand them! please help!!

RIdam said...

hello! mam can you please tell me where are the notes of ch-1 of history???

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