Friday, June 1, 2012

Answer to the comments.../ querries

Dear students
Please find the information on at least 3-4 polluted cities .
--Preventive measures can be common.
--Causes may differ..if same write together.
--make use of maps , diagrams, pictures etc.


akshat ahuja said...

hello ma'am , i'm akshat,
i have a query related to the holidays homework.
1st is : on how many cities should i find the information.
2nd is : the sites you have given are of the year 2009 and i gooled about the topic and found that most polluted cities of 2012 are diffrent from that of 2009. so on which information should i make my project , of 2009 or 2012 . also i could only find 5 cities of 2012 but yes there is more information for cities of 2009 and earlier.

Anonymous said...

Respected mam, I am not able to find the notes of history Ch-2 Nationalist movement in Indo-China. Please help me.

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