Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Q1.In which year Vietnam gained formal independence?
Q2.Indo-china comprised of which countries?
Q3.When did the French people land in Vietnam?
Q4. Name the areas controlled by the French?
Q5.Why did the French think that colonies were necessary?
Q6.Why the French began building canals and draining lands in the Mekong delta?
Q7. What did the French do to develop infra structure in Vietnam?
Q8.Should the colonies be developed? what were the views of Paul Bernard on this question. OR
Why did Bernard believe that the economy of the colonies needed to be developed?

Q9.What do you understand by indentured labour?
Q10. What the main ideas behind French colonisation?
Q11.Why did the French introduce modern ideas to the colony?
Q12.State two broad opinions on the question as to which language French or Vietnamese was to be introduced in schools?
Q14.Why only a few admitted ultimately passed the school leaving examination?
Q15.How were the Vietnamese represented in the French textbooks? OR
How did the school textbooks glorify the French and justify the colonial rule?
Q16. Write a short note on Tonkin Free School and the subjects taught there.
How did the school encourage western styles?
Q17.Which problem did the French face in Vietnam face in the sphere of education?
(influence of chinese culture)
Q18.What do you about the Saigon Native Girls School incident?
Q19.How did the Vietnamese show their resistence towards the French education system?
Q20.How did the facilities of wide sewers act as a source of causing plague in the modern city of Hanoi? three points.
Q21.How did the rat hunt policy of the French fail in Vietnam? Explain 3 reasons.
Q22. Which religions were followed in the Vietnam or write about their religious beliefs.
Q23.Write about various religious movements that started in Vietnam which were hostile to the western presence(the French). OR
Short notes on Hoa Hao movement; Scholars revolt in 1868; Huynh Phu So.
Q24.Who wrote 'The History of the loss Vietnam'?
Q25.What were the viwes of Phan Boi Chau regarding Vietnam and how were they different from the views of Phan Chu Trinh?
Q26.Write a short note on the 'Go East Movement'.
Q27.'Developments in China inspired the Vietnamese nationalists to a great extent' Explain the events in the light of this statement.
Q28.The great economic depression was in which year?
Q29.Sort note on Ho Chi Minh and on Ho Chi Minh trail.
Q30. Examine the challenges which the new republic of Vietnam faced after 1954.
Q31.When and where were the French defeated?
Q32.Write about the division of Vietnam . Also mention the after effects.
Q33.Who all supported the unification of Vietnam? OR
How was Vietnam unified?
Q34.Why did the US fear the unification of Vietnam?
Q35.Name the weapons used by the US in the war?
Q36. What was the reaction of the people towards the US involvement in the war? How did media project it?
Q36. Name some movies which were inspired by the war.
Q37.Explain the causes of the US involvement in the war in Vietnam.
Q38. Describe the heroic deeds of Trung sisters who had fought agianst the chinese domination.4 points.
Q39. What was the role of women in anti-imperial struggle in Vietnam?
Q40. With the begining of the peace talks by 1970's how were women represented in Vietnam?

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