Thursday, February 25, 2010

Answer to queries

siddharth jain here are the answers to you problems:
Q-1 Why people belonging to the same religion often feels that they do not belong to the same community?
--It is because with in their religion their caste or sect is different. Some times they belong to inferior or superior caste ( as in India) or belong to a different religious sect.

Q-2 How did Romanticsm seek to develop a particular form of nationalist sentiment during 18th century? Explain.
This question is from chapter 1 of history which we have not done, if you are planning to do it notes are there on the blog.
Q-3 Explain with eg. the role of technology in helping to solve the hardships of food availability throughout the world in the late 19 century?
This question is from chapter 4 of history which we have not done, if you plan to do it answer is on page-83.
Q-4 Explain the social changes in London which led to the need for the underground railways? Why was the development of the underground criticised?--Cleaning of London resulted in shifting of many workers away from the city.
--people could only be persuaded to leave the city if means of travelling to the city for work were there and therefore underground railways were a necessary.
It was criticized as rail compartments were filled with smoke, with fumes from gas lamps and were bad for health.
--it had resulted in massive displacement of the London poor.
--also there was a massive destruction because of construction of underground railways.
Q-5 Why a no. of Bombay films were about the lives of migrants.--because most people in the film industry were themselves migrants, who had come from cities like Lahore, Calcutta, Madras.
--they wanted to show in the movies true problems and life of people.

Q-6 How does the existence of a large urban population affect each of the following
a) a private landlord
--now lot of people asked for loans, as migration to cities had resulted in poverty.
b) a police superintendent in charge of law &order-
--as London grew crime flourished, role of police increased- page 129
c) a leader of a political party-many political parties took up cause of terrible poverty. Page—138.

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