Wednesday, November 21, 2007


When we as consumers become conscious of our rights, while purchasing goods& services, we will be able to discriminate and make informed choices.
Q. Describe some duties which as a consumer we should observe.
If customers want their rights they should also observe duties also.
After a purchase we must insist on cash memo.
While purchasing goods we must be carefull about the quality of goods as well the guarantee of products ans services.
We should buy certified goods—ISI, AGMARK etc.
Consumers should form Consumer Awareness Organisations in their localities to help & aware others.
Consumers must know their rights & must exercise them too.
These are logos and certifications which help consumers get assured of quality while purchasing goods & services.
--The organizations that monitor and issue these certificates allow producers to use their logos provided they follow certain quality standards.
--It is not compulsory for all producers to follow standards. However the products that affect health and safety of consumers or the products of mass consumption, it is mandatory on the part of producers to get certified by these organizations.
(LPG Cylinders, food colours and additives, cement, packaged drinking water etc.)
Q. After 20 years of the enactment of COPRA, consumer awareness in India is spreading but slowly. Discuss.
The consumer redressal process is becoming cumbersome,expensive and time consuming because
1.Many a times consumers are required to engage lawyers.
2.These cases require time for filing and attending the court proceedings etc.
3.In most purchases cash memos are not issued hence evidence is not easy to gather.& most purchases in the market are small retail sales.
4.The existing laws are also not very clear on the issue of compensation to consumers injured by defective products.

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